Info on BDSwiss: What You Need to Know Before Investing

Info on BDSwiss: What You Need to Know Before Investing

As someone who wants to get into forex trading, you’ll want to work alongside a brokerage who can give you a desirable outcome every time you buy and sell foreign currency with their help. There are more than a thousand active brokerages for you to choose from, one of which is BDSwiss.  

As it may be your first time to hear of them, here’s what you need to know about BDSwiss and its benefits before investing with them: 

1. BDSwiss is a Cyprus-based broker that has been around for quite a while. 

The small Mediterranean island of Cyprus is home to several brokerages for several reasons. One main reason is its rate of corporation tax currently stands at 10% and is the lowest across the entire European Union. One of the Cyprus-based brokerages reaping the benefits of a small corporation tax is BDSwiss, which first got its start in the said country back in 2012. With more than five years of brokering experience to its name, BDSwiss has grown to become one of Europe’s leading brokerages in existence.

2. Aside from forex, BDSwiss also offers their brokering services to cryptocurrency and CFD traders. 

Some brokerages help only those who want to engage in forex trading. You can’t exactly blame these brokerages for choosing a trading option whose 24-hour availability attracts rookie traders who can’t invest in the stock market during regular business hours because of work in the daytime. 

However, there are a few other trading options out there aside from forex that you may consider getting into as well, a couple of which are cryptocurrency and CFD (contract for difference). Whichever among these two you choose to invest your money in, you wouldn’t want a forex-only brokerage by your side as they won’t be able to help you at all. 

So, whether you want to pursue forex, cryptocurrency, or CFD trading, you should let BDSwiss handle your money as they offer their brokering services for the said trading options. You don’t even have to find another brokerage anymore in case you want to pursue any two of or even all three trading options mentioned.   

3. You’ll have to reside in a country that’s part of the European Union to be able to work with BDSwiss.

You may have looked into contacting BDSwiss as you need a broker to buy and sell your investments for you. However, if you aren’t a resident in any of the countries who are a part of the European Union, forget reaching out to BDSwiss and look for another brokerage instead. BDSwiss only accepts traders living in European Union countries as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates the said brokerage. 

What’s funny though is that despite the “Swiss” that forms part of its name, BDSwiss can’t broker for you if you’re currently residing in Switzerland, as the said country isn’t a member of the European Union along with several other countries throughout the entire European region. 


Choosing a broker to buy or sell foreign currency for you is no easy task. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of active brokerages out there. Unfortunately, some of them might turn out to be elaborate scams that specifically target rookie traders like you. You’ll thus want to avoid those kinds of brokerages and work with BDSwiss instead. The discussion above should help you decide whether to invest with them or work with another brokerage instead.