Must-Have Features Of Messaging App


Chats have become virtual today, especially with the current state of things. Life has been stagnant for several months now due to the unexpected impact of the pandemic. More people shifted their conversations to social media and messaging apps. These technologies offer users with real-time text transmission, ease of multitasking, convenience, chat history record, ability to operate from anywhere in the world, and fun elements like stickers. Since communication is essential in running a business or even maintaining relationships, people are using these applications for the efficient functioning of a system.


Everything from WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Telegram to Hangouts, Stride, and Slack is making a run in the market for both corporate and personal purposes. Companies using the apps exclusively for corporate use have shown better results in the past several years, making the employees more productive and efficient. Hundreds of such applications are being launched every year, leading to confusion among the users. But most of them go for popular choices with the highest rating. Let us look at some of the most important features every messaging app should have.

1.      Encryption

Data is being sent through your device each time you draft a message and push the button on the screen. When these are extremely personal or confidential data, you must have security ensured. The privacy has to be always respected, meaning End-to-End encryption is essential in these apps. Recipients of your messages will have the keys to decrypt the content you sent them. Any third party trying to access this data will not be able to do so because of the encryption. Extra security can be incorporated only by changing the cryptographic keys periodically.

2.      Synchronizing Data

Having Cloud services to help you out with storing files is the next most crucial thing. Changing some aspects of a document on a particular device will automatically make the differences on every other device. Using the cloud can get you enough space to store the data without changing any bit of it unless you decide to alter it; security is always guaranteed.

3.      Offline Usage

Mobile battery and internet are devoured in bulk when you run these applications on your device for a few hours. Such apps are created to make conversations easier and more convenient; so, they must also have an option to work effectively offline. This will help the users have a flexible mobile app experience, even when the connection is slow or flickering.

4.      Bots

Specific functions are performed by the small programs called bots on your apps, embedded to manage all the data. It can be of great help when using apps for corporate purposes because the bot can assist with registration and similar issues.


5.      The “Dark” and “Bright” Modes

These are modes appearing on the messaging apps. Most applications have this feature these days, but the users consider it an aesthetic element. It surely adds more appeal to your screen. However, it is more than just that; these modes help boost your device’s battery life. Also, the light mode with high brightness on your phone can cause damage to your eyes. On the other hand, the dark mode will provide a better experience.