How The Forex Industry Has Changed Over The Years

How The Forex Industry Has Changed Over The Years

Every industry is susceptible to change. Digital innovations pave the way for several shifts in market sectors. And, the foreign exchange market is no exception. Significant innovations have changed the world of trading, and the finest Forex brokers are aware of this. 

Today, technological advancements give rise to innovative platforms that allow us to connect globally. These global connections are starting to reach a whole new set of audiences. In turn, these audiences have a front seat view to global events, including the forex market.  

Even though it’s been around for approximately 500 years, technology continues to change the forex industry. But, how has the forex industry changed over the years? 

A Whole New Demographic 

Millennials thrive in the use of technology, making them more involved in platforms that use tech. When the forex market was integrated with online features, it became accessible to anyone who’s connected to the internet. Before this, aspiring traders would need stacks of thick textbooks just to learn forex trading. Today, the vast library of the internet made forex trading resources more available, making amateur traders rise in numbers.

However, the availability of educational forex trading resources created a shift in the demographic. In the UK, 18 to 35-year-olds make up 65% of the country’s online traders. This young generation of traders is learning to invest in forex trading from the information they can get a hold of online. And, communities who help beginners understand the volatility of the market is also growing. Thus, the younger demographic is seeing opportunity in learning the trade as soon as they can.  

Understandably, while forex trading is risky, it’s still a form of a wise investment. No one can argue that starting out at an early age to learn old trading tips and tricks can only be beneficial in the long run. 

The Rise And Use Of Artificial Intelligence

Forex trading will never cease to be risky. Because it’s purely dependent on economic shifts, it’s hard to predict just how much it’ll fluctuate.  

However, it’s not entirely impossible to foresee the best time to buy or sell investments. Experienced traders live and breathe these data fluctuations, thus giving them better insights on market shifts. However, while experienced traders still have the upper hand, they’re no longer the only people who can minimize their risks. 

Artificial intelligence disrupts everything it’s integrated into, including the forex market. Today, there are tools and software that’ll help improve your return on investments (ROI). The forex industry has changed in a way that trends are no longer a dangerous threat to traders. AI can analyze previous trends and fluctuations to help foresee how much the market will shift in real-time.  

While amateur traders are more likely to use these types of software, veterans also welcome their use because of convenience. Thanks to predictive analyses of the market, traders can minimize their risks.  

Limitless Mobile Trading

Forex trading never rests. The market moves 24/7, and no one can stop it. The best you can do is monitor your investments whenever you can. That’s exactly what mobile trading software aims to do.  

Mobile trading gives you the freedom to trade whenever you can, which is something that traders back in the day didn’t have the luxury of doing. As a trader in this time and age, you’re no longer bound to a desk in front of your computer.  

Today, you no longer have to worry about missing out on positions that can potentially earn you more money. All you’ll need to trade effectively is a mobile phone and a stable connection to the internet. Install the software you need to trade and you’re set to monitor your investments whenever you want to. 


A good trader knows that the forex industry is prone to change one way or another. A good piece of technology will always find its way to disrupt several markets, if not all of them. In the next 5-10 years, this industry will change once more.  

Amateur trader or not, you should be aware that new tech trends will emerge and you need to be the first one to welcome them. If you don’t want to fall behind in the benefits that technology can bring to forex trading, you need to watch out for emerging trends.  

Follow reliable news sources about tech startups with new solutions that might bring you value as a forex trader. Make use of platforms that’ll allow you to expand your knowledge in trading, even though you already have experience. And, try to look at the market with a fresh new perspective if you don’t want to make use of predictive analyses from AI applications. 

Now that you’re part of the digital era, it’s best to embrace digitalization and the disruptions that come with it. Otherwise, you might miss out on opportunities that can potentially increase your returns on investment.